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Introduction videos (in French)

STELA - Centre de recherche en sciences et technologie du lait

CEPIA - Centre d’expertise Poids, Image et Alimentation

LARTIC - LAboratoire de Recherche et de Traitement de l'Information Chimiosensorielle

OBSERVATOIRE de la qualité de l’offre alimentaire

MuscULo - Chaire de recherche MAPAQ sur la qualité et la salubrité de la viande


Conferences in the Innovation Expo

October 4, 2023 conference by Sophie de Reynal – Les attentes des consommateurs en terme d’alimentation santé

October 5, 2023 conference by Sophie de Reynal  – Santé et développement durable : le Combo gagnant


To access the phototheque of the event : click here

Nutrition and Brain Health

Conference by Sarah Spencer – The cognitive cost of high-fat diet and what microglia have to do with it

Future Food Proteins

Conference by Denneal Jamison-McClung – Sustainable Protein: Building on Food, Ag and Biotech Foundations at UC Davis

Conference by Lucie Beaulieu et Alain Doyen – Algae and Edible-Insect Proteins: Challenges and Opportunities for the Biofood Industry

The Cannabis Plant: A Sustainable Source of Bioactive Molecules of Nutritional and Medical Importance

Conference by Lorenzo Nissen – Functionalities of Cannabis Fiber on Gut Microbiota Fermentation: an hemp postbiotic?

Overcoming the Challenge of Interindividual Variability of the Intestinal Microbiota: Perspectives for Research and Industry

Conference by Noëmie Daniel – A 5-Year Research Chair, Where Science and Industry Work Together for the Investigation of the Polyphenols Health Benefits