Alain Doyen

Alain Doyen is a full professor in the Department of Food Sciences at Université Laval and scientific director of the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF). His research program focused on the effect of thermal and non-thermal food processes on conventional (egg, bovine milk) and emerging food proteins (human milk, plant-based proteins and edible … Read more

Alexandre Boulay

I am completing a master’s degree in biochemistry with a concentration in bioinformatics at Université Laval, where I am a part of Professor Elsa Rousseau’s laboratory. I also obtained my bachelor’s degree in bioinformatics from Université Laval. My research interests revolve around molecular biology and microbiology, with a particular focus on the study of phages. … Read more

Anne-Marie Masella

B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology from Université Laval, with over 32 years of management experience in the food industry, specifically in quality assurance, research and development, and operational supervision, I remain actively involved in several committees. • Association Québécoise pour l’Innocuité Alimentaire (AQIA), of which I have been a member since its inception and … Read more

Annie-Pier Mercier

Annie-Pier, a certified nutritionist, currently serves as the activities coordinator within the food services sector at Université Laval. Her academic background encompassed a focus on sustainable development during her undergraduate studies, while her master’s research delved into the impact of incorporating locally sourced food on individual dietary quality. With her professional pursuits centered around public … Read more

Antonin Lamazière

Antonin Lamazière holds the positions of professor and hospital practitioner at Sorbonne Université’s Faculty of Medicine. He serves as the head of the Clinical Metabolomics department at Saint Antoine Hospital (AP-HP.Sorbonne Université). His research focus is situated at the crossroads of metabolism, nutrition, and endocrine and metabolic pathologies. Through his work, he employs translational approaches … Read more