Lucie Beaulieu

Full Professor
Université Laval

Dr. Lucie Beaulieu has been a Professor at Université Laval’s Food Science Department since 2014. She has built an original research program on the structural and functional characterization of new sources of biomarine ingredients, and primarily on high value compounds as innovative means for enhancing food quality and promoting health. She is the director of the interest group on biomarine products at the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF). She is the director of the theme Resources and sustainable maritime economy of the Quebec Maritime Network (RQM). In her career, her research activities have enabled significant advancements of knowledge and have led to the publication of numerous manuscripts and book chapters, many of which in collaboration with international colleagues. She has successfully secured funding from provincial and federal granting agencies. Recognized as a leader in her field, she has instigated numerous collaborative projects with industry and international partners. She actively participates in strategic research planning based on global scientific issues in the sustainable management of bioresources.