Salwa Karboune

Professor Salwa Karboune, Associate Dean, Research
McGill University

Professor Salwa Karboune is a member of the Department of Food Science and Agricultural chemistry at McGill University, and she holds the position of the Associate Dean (Research) at Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. She is the scientific director of RITA (Research, Innovation and Transformation of Agrifood) Consortium, an inclusive platform that establishes collaboration between research institutions and the food processing industry.

Professor Salwa Karboune has an active research program aimed at designing and developing new “green” approaches to produce functional food ingredients that can improve the quality and the functionality of food products. Such research is important as functional foods are increasingly being recognized for their desirable health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Her research work also contributes to the sustainability of the Agri-Food sector by developing technologies to generate highly added-value functional ingredients from food-processing by-products.

Her multidisciplinary research program has garnered national and international recognition through the sustained excellence of the research her group conducted. Her research program offers to highly qualified personnel (HQP) a multidisciplinary learning environment in the areas of biocatalysis, food chemistry, carbohydrate synthesis, enzyme immobilization and structural characterization and recently mechanoenzymology. During the last 6 years, she had supervised more than 90 HQPs, including 15 PhD, 30 MSc, 10 postdocs, 30 undergraduate students and 5 research associates. Professor Karboune is passionate about science and active learning, and she is a strong supporter of hands-on projects. At the national and international level, she is a committee/board member of IFT Higher Education Review board, CFI Science Advisory Board, CIFST’s Scientific Expert Council, INAF Scientific committee, INITIA Foundation and the European Innovation Commission Advisory Board.