Phil Kerr

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Phil Kerr is Chief Technology Officer of Houdek. Houdek deploys integrated crop and microbial biotechnologies with grain processing technologies to produce ingredients that enable solutions with improved nutritional, environmental and economic benefits to those in the global aquaculture and companion animal nutrition industries. Unique Precision Fermentation technologies for enhanced nutrition and environmental benefits are also under development at Houdek. Phil has served in multiple leadership roles with DuPont Agricultural Products, Solae LLC, and DuPont Nutrition and Health, as well as with Indigo Agriculture. His experience ranges from creating new ingredients with enhanced, holistic quality attributes to the formation and management of strategic private / public relationships that enabled them and brought them to global commercial status. Included in his experiences during his tenure at DuPont / Solae, Phil collaborated in the development of novel, identity preserved grain and oilseed supply chains that utilized crops whose quality traits had been enhanced thru the use of both modern biotechnology and conventional breeding techniques. Phil serves as the Vice President of the Protein Highway Initiative, a network for facilitating trans Canadian and US border collaboration for plant protein-based innovation and commercialization from the US Midwest/Northern Plains and the Canadian Prairie Provinces. He is an active member of the Institute Of Food Technologists and the American Oil Chemists Society, where he also serves as the Past President of its Governing Board’s Executive Committee.