Patrick Veiga

MICALIS Institute and MetaGenoPolis (INRAE)

Patrick Veiga holds the position of Research Director at MICALIS Institute and MetaGenoPolis (INRAE), where he serves as a deputy scientific director, leading the microbiome-nutrition research program for the French Gut project. Prior to this role, he held the position of scientific director at Danone Nutricia Research. During his 13-year tenure, he directed and contributed to research programs focused on diet, probiotics, gut microbiome, gut health, and gut-brain interactions. He spent 3 years as a visiting scientist at Harvard School of Public Health (Boston), investigating probiotics’ effects in the context of gut inflammation. Furthermore, he coordinated The Human Diets & Microbiome Initiative in partnership with UCSD (San Diego) and the Microsetta Initiative team, with the goal of collecting and sequencing 3,000 microbiome samples across 5 countries, alongside dietary information.