Marc Hamilton

Eurofins EnvironeX

Founder of EnvironeX Laboratories in 2005, Marc Hamilton is the President of Eurofins EnvironeX, the largest analysis laboratory in Quebec, with over 600 specialists, technicians, managers, and professionals. Annually, they conduct and manage more than two million microbiological and chemical analyses in environmental, food, agricultural, health, and pharmaceutical fields. Eurofins EnvironeX also operates a Food Consulting department that offers a wide range of services to agri-food industry professionals and restaurateurs.

With almost twenty-five years of experience in developing businesses in the health and environmental sciences sector, Marc Hamilton can be described as an innate avant-garde entrepreneur who is also passionate about instrumentation and innovation, all with the constant goal of improving science. He belongs to the shortlist of innovative scientific managers who have developed methods and business solutions in human and public health.

As the Founder and CEO of Bio-Médic from 1998 to 2014, Marc Hamilton elevated this medical laboratory to a leading position in the field. It was within this context that he notably designed the Bio-Analyse software, fully compliant with the electronic standards (21 CFR part 11) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This software won the Web Strategies category award at the 2004 Mercuriades Gala and previously, in 2002, in the context of the E-business Gala in the B2B category.

In addition to his roles as a “Scientrepreneur” (scientist-entrepreneur), Marc Hamilton is regularly invited by the media to provide his scientific expertise on current topics, particularly those related to well-being and human health.