Lee-Ann Jaykus

North Carolina State University

Dr. Lee-Ann Jaykus is a former William Neal Reynolds Professor in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State University, where she was employed for almost 30 years.  Her formal training is in Food Safety, Food Microbiology, and Public Health, with research efforts focused on:  (1) food virology; (2) development of molecular methods for foodborne pathogen detection; (3) application of quantitative risk assessment in food safety; and (4) understanding the ecology of pathogens in foods.  She is probably best known for her efforts in food virology, culminating in her service as scientific director for the USDA-NIFA Food Virology Collaborative (NoroCORE) from 2011-2018.  Dr. Jaykus has authored over 200 scientific publications, instructed more than 600 university students, and trained over 60 young professionals who are employed in academic, industry, and government sectors worldwide. Her national and international external activities are vast, spanning service to FAO-WHO, the National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods, various National Academies of Sciences panels, and service as president of the International Association for Food Protection from 2010-2011.  Dr. Jaykus remains engaged in her scientific field and continues to contribute as emeritus in service to the U.S. FDA, to key industry trade associations, and on executive boards for companies affiliated with the food and allied sciences.  She is particularly passionate about mentoring young professionals, an activity that she intends to continue long into the future.