Ismail Fliss

Université Laval

With a background in veterinary medicine, Dr. Fliss is a full professor and the director of the Department of Food Science at Université Laval. After obtaining his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Tunis, Tunisia, he pursued a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology at Université Laval. In 1998, he completed a postdoctoral internship at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Ottawa.

Dr. Fliss is internationally recognized for his work on the identification, purification, and exploitation of bacteriocins from lactic acid and environmental bacteria as a new generation of natural antimicrobials for the food, medical, and veterinary sectors. He has published nearly 200 scientific articles in highly prestigious peer-reviewed journals, authored 10 book chapters, and holds 7 patents. He recently developed a database (Bactibase) on bacteriocins and proposed a new classification for these naturally derived antimicrobial molecules.