Xavier Fresquet

Research Engineer (Sorbonne Université) and Deputy Director (SCAI)
Sorbonne Université and Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence

Xavier Fresquet is a research engineer at Sorbonne Université and Deputy Director of SCAI, the Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence.
His research interests lie mainly in the field of digital humanities, where he explores the intersection between technology, culture and society. Through his work, he seeks to discover new perspectives by applying computational methods and data analysis techniques to musicology and related disciplines.
Since 2019, Xavier Fresquet has become actively involved with the AI community. He has participated in numerous projects focused on the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare. Working closely with Sorbonne Université’s medical community, he has contributed to the implementation of major regional, national and European initiatives in this field. In an interdisciplinary and collective way, it develops the use of AI for the benefit of students, healthcare professionals and patients. By fostering collaborations, encouraging innovative projects and advocating the responsible and ethical use of AI, it strives to maximize its positive impact in these fields.