Denneal Jamison-McClung

UC Davis

Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung directs the UC Davis Biotechnology Program and is co-founder of the UC Davis Cultivated Meat Consortium. She has over twenty years of experience as a science educator, teaching a variety of courses in biology, plant physiology, genetics, molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

She administers the Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology (DEB) and Advanced Degree Program for Corporate Employees (ADP) doctoral degree programs. Both the DEB and ADP provide tailored mentoring and professional development to develop a broad set of soft skills in doctoral students, enhancing their ability to work across disciplines, communicate effectively within teams and move research discoveries from the laboratory into the marketplace. The DEB is the largest graduate degree program at UC Davis with over 180 students from 29 biotech-related disciplines. In addition, Dr. Jamison-McClung lectures for the UC Davis Graduate School of Management Biotechnology Immersion Program and gives guest lectures for several biotech-related undergraduate majors.

As a science communicator, Dr. Jamison-McClung promotes public science literacy on emerging technologies in food, agriculture, and healthcare. Since 2007, she has directed BioTech SYSTEM, a regional consortium supporting K-14 STEM education via teacher workshops, campus visits, the Teen Biotech Challenge competition (~250 participants per year), and the CIRM-SPARK summer research program in stem cell biology. A strong advocate for women and underrepresented groups in science, Dr. Jamison-McClung serves as a member of the UC Davis Center for Multicultural Perspectives on Science (CAMPOS) committee and is co-investigator for the Advancing Diversity by Educating the Professors of Tomorrow (ADEPT) program. Across all research and education programs, Dr. Jamison-McClung is actively engaged in creating inclusive training environments for biotech scholars pursuing career paths in academia, government, non-profits and industry.