Baishali Dutta

Groupe AGÉCO

An experienced environmental scientist of over 15 years and engineer by profession, Baishali Dutta has a master’s and Ph.D. degree in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University with a focus in anthropogenic impacts of climate change and environmental sustainability. With several years cultivating her expertise in federal, academic and industry specific milieu, she joined Groupe AGÉCO as a Senior Analyst in 2020. Baishali brings extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary stakeholder projects with expertise in life cycle assessments, environmental impact assessments and greenhouse gas emission quantification. She applies her knowledge of federal and provincial regulations, research and analysis, project management and technical/proposal writing to build innovative and sustainable solutions in agriculture, renewable energy systems, transportation and agri-food sectors. Her strengths lie in her analytical skillsets to apply life cycle thinking and tools to explore and to help resolve pressing questions at the interface of energy, food, and society. Her professional goals are to advance scientific and engineering knowledge in the developing field of systems analysis for a sustainable world.