Hayatte-Dounia Mir

Postdoctoral Fellow
Université Laval

Hayatte-Dounia Mir obtained a PhD in Life Science and Health from Paris-Saclay University working on the gut-brain axis. She, more specifically, studied the influence of indole, a bacterial metabolite from the gut microbiota, on the pathophysiology of anxiety and depression using a gnotobiotic mouse model. She then joined the Karolinska Institutet to understand the influence of bacterial peptidoglycan sensing molecules on neurodevelopmental disorders using knockout (KO) mice models and human-derived neuroepithelial-like cells.

Hayatte-Dounia Mir has now joined the CERC-MEND and currently studies how the gut microbiota influences the endocannabinoidome epigenome and the host physiology using germ-free mice. She is also involved in several projects implicating KO mice models and human intestinal cells.