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OCTOBER 2-4, 2018

Quebec City Convention Centre, Canada



B1 Amandine Brochot Effet d’extraits de cannelle et de marc de raisin riches en polyphénols sur le métabolisme, le microbiote intestinal et la barrière intestinale de la souris Metabolism
B2 Arianne Morissette Impact des polyphénols de bleuets sur les désordres métaboliques dans un modèle de souris obèse Metabolism
A3 Béatrice S.-Y. Choi Impact of a prebiotic cranberry extract on weight loss and glucose tolerance in obese mice exposed to persistent organic pollutants Metabolism
A4 Claudia Manca Alteration of the endocannabinoidome in germ free mice: insight into the mechanisms mediating their metabolic phenotype Metabolism
A5 Florent Pechereau The involvement of the gut microbiota and the endocannabinoidome in the establishment of an insulin resistance state in mice Metabolism
A6 Ida Larsen Human alpha defensin 5 treatment reverses dyslipidemia and improves glucoregulatory capacity in high fat diet-fed mice Metabolism
A7  Joseph Lupien-Meilleur  Prebiotic potential of Jerusalem artichoke in young rats submitted to a Western diet Metabolism
A8 Laís Perazza Comparison of the effects of non-fermented vs fermented dairy peptides on metabolic syndrome and hepatic steatosis in a murine model of obesity and dyslipidemia Metabolism
A9 Laurence Daoust Early cross-fostering transfer of gut microbiota reveals sex-specific effects of cranberry polyphenols in a mouse model of diet-induced obesity Metabolism
A10 Lena Ahmarani Impact des polyphénols de pelure de pommes (dapp) dans la dyslipidémie postprandiale et l’homéostasie du cholestérol chez le psammomys obesus Metabolism
A11 Maria Carolina Rodriguez Daza Fiber-free polyphenol-rich blueberry and cranberry powders selectively prompt Akkermansia muciniphila and improve gut microbial richness in HFHS-diet induced obese mice Metabolism
A12 Marlène Vodouhè Impact of an extract of brown algae and a moderate weight loss on glycemic control among overweight prediabetic subjects Metabolism
A13 Mathilde Foisy Sauvé Glycomacropeptide, a milk-derived bioactive peptide, improves intestinal oxidative stress and inflammation, while limiting the production of intestinal lipoproteins Metabolism
A14 Maxime Déraspe Gut microbiome k-mer analyses with Ray Surveyor Metabolism
A15 Noëmie Daniel Distinct impact of low dietary fiber and increased dietary fat on features of the metabolic syndrome: role of hepatic bile acids and gut microbiota modulation Metabolism
A16 Vanessa Rodrigues Vilela The expression of iNOS in adipocytes contributes to insulin resistance and deterioration of energy metabolism in obese mice. Metabolism
A17 Caroline S. Duchaine Vitamine D plasmatique, déclin cognitif et incidence de la démence : Étude sur la santé et le vieillissement au Canada Neuro
A18 Essi Biyong Dissecting the beneficial effects of dietary vitamin A in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease pathology in two mouse models Neuro
A19 Justine Bodin Projet NEURONALG « Développement d’actifs nutritionnels algo-sourcés ciblant la neuroinflammation liées aux troubles métaboliques » Neuro
A20 Olivier Kerdiles Combined neurorestorative effects of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and voluntary exercise in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease Neuro
B21 Stefania Crispi Impact of curcumin on gut microbiota in Huntington disease Neuro
B22 Audrée-Anne Dumas Long-term effects of a healthy eating blog on the diet of French-speaking Canadian mothers and their children: a randomized controlled trial Nutrition
B23 François Barbet The science of gamification and serious gaming: a promising strategy for family nutrition education? Nutrition
B24 Noam Ship Estimating the safety and tolerability of the probiotic Bio-K+ based on clinical results, preclinical experiments and manufacturing controls Nutrition
B25 Olivier Kamtchueng Simo Effet de la consommation des aliments riches en AGEs sur le transport inverse du cholestérol Nutrition
A26 Raphaëlle Jacob Associations among Timing of Food Intake, Eating Behavior Traits and Psychobehavioral Factors in Overweight and Obese Individuals Nutrition
A27 Sophie Castonguay-Paradis Influence Of Dietary Habits And Food Behaviour On The Gut Microbiome– Endocannabinoidome Axis Nutrition
A28 Amel ben lagha A polyphenol-rich cranberry extract modulates the virulence properties of Fusobacterium nucleatum Food science
A29 Ariane Tremblay Valorization of Snow Crab Cooking Effluents for Food Bioproducts Development Food science
A30 Christina Larder Capillary Electrophoresis: a fast, cost effective and efficient method replacement for LC-MS when identifying and quantifying small peptides from simulated gastrointestinal digestion of collagen hydrolysate Food science
A31 Claire Toucheteau Projet POLYSALGUE : production d’exopolysaccharides de faible poids moléculaire issus de microalgues pour des applications nutraceutiques Food science
A32 Corrine Dobson Fruit Smoothies Incorporating Starch Particles for Moderate and Prolonged Glycaemic Response: Effect of Starch Structure and Food Matrix on Digestibility Food science
A33 Deepak Kumar Jha Impact of postharvest ultrasound treatment on physiology and primary metabolic profile of the tomato fruit during storage Food science
A34 Elena Pulido Mateos Screening of Lactobacillus plantarum strains according to their potential to transform gallotannins into bioactive metabolites Food science
A35 Emilie Manny Occurrence of food allergens in products with precautionary labeling in Canada Food science
A36 Hebatoallah Hassan Activity and physic-chemical properties of Nisin A produced by Lactococcus species Food science
A37 Hélène Pilote Fortin La réutérine un antifongique naturel à fort potentiel en remplacement de la natamycine pour le secteur laitier Food science
A38 Liya Zhang Isolation, screening and characterization of reuterin-producing bacteria as a probiotic potential from Canadian indigenous chickens Food science
A39 Lysis Sénéchal The impact of edible seaweeds Palmaria palmata and Saccharina longicruris on a Camembert-type cheese microflora Food science
A40 Marina Minh Nguyen Synergistic Interactions of Natural Antioxidants and Improvement of their Efficiencies Food science
B41 Mélanie Sergius-Ronot Couplage des hautes pressions hydrostatiques et des procédés baromembranaires pour la production d’un concentré protéique de lait maternel Food science
A42 Nastaran Khodaei Development of Predictive Models for the Antioxidant Properties of Natural Ingredients Food science
A43 Navina Janmeja Effect of pre-storage ozone treatment on health-beneficial phytochemicals of stored carrots Food science
A44 Sabrine Naimi Bioavailability and biological activity of microcin J25: metagenomic and metabolomic analysis of its impact on the porcine microbiome in a continuous culture model Food science
A45 Samira Soltani Synergistic interaction between natural antimicrobial compounds against gram (-) and gram (+) bacteria Food science
A46 Soheila Abachi Hokmabadinazhad Characterization and identification of anti-inflammatory peptides from Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) proteinic hydrolysate separated based on the molecular weight, charge and hydrophobicity Food science
A47 Urbi Pathak Development And Characterization Of Silver Nanoparticles Containing Bilayer (Kitchen Waste-Corn Starch/ Casein) Film Food science
A48 Véronique Langlois Optimization of a colorimetric method for indole-3-acetic and indole-3-butyric acids in macroalgae Food science
A49 Viviane Bélair Pressurized low polarity water (PLPW) extraction of polyphenols pigments from apple, blueberry and cranberry pomace with potential use as natural colorants in functional food Food science
A50 Laila Ben Said La microcine J25 : Une alternative fort prometteuse aux antibiotiques contre des sérotypes de salmonella enterica spp. enterica multirésistants Food science
A51 Audrey Gilbert The structure and rheological properties of stirred yogurts are modulated by whey protein content and smoothing temperature Food science
B52 Gang Wang Small intestine microbiome aspiration (simba) capsule: a new autonomous and minimally-invasive device for continuously monitoring microbiota-food interaction in-vivo Other

A: Participate to Poster Excellence Competition 
B: DO NOT Participate to Poster Excellence Competition





1st PLACE  = 1000 $

Ida Larsen,
Faculté de médecine,
Université Laval

Awarded by :




2nd PLACE  =  500 $

Amel Ben Iagha,
Faculté de médecine dentaire,
Université Laval

Awarded by :


3rd PLACE  =  250 $

Noëmie Daniel,
Faculté de médecine,
Université Laval

Awarded by  
Vice-rectorat à la recherche :


BÉNÉFIQ  =  250 $

Olivier Kerdiles,
Faculté de pharmacie,
Université Laval

Awarded by :


BÉNÉFIQ + GFT = 250 $

Joseph Lupien-Meilleur,
INAF, Université Laval

Awarded by :




Le rendez-vous international sur les ingrédients et aliments santé qui se tiendra du 6 au 8 octobre 2020 au Centre des congrès de Québec au Canada. Propulsé par l’expertise du Québec en matière d’alimentation santé, BÉNÉFIQ est un lieu de synergie incontournable pour tous les scientifiques et industriels de ce secteur en constante effervescence.
Une initiative de l’Institut sur la nutrition et les aliments fonctionnels (INAF)


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