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OCTOBER 2-4, 2018

Quebec City Convention Centre, Canada


Regulatory Affairs Director, Lallemand Health Solutions, Canada/@IP_Association

“Probiotics, regulations and markets: ”no one said it would be easy”


Solange leads regulatory affairs at the global level for Lallemand Health Solutions, probiotic pioneer and producer with a footprint in more than 50 countries over the 5 continents. She actively represents the company in trade associations and is the chair of the regulatory affairs committee at the International Probiotics Association. She has been involved in many successful company and industry initiatives advocating probiotics to Health authorities in the world. The achievement she is mostly proud of personally is the Canadian recognition and approval of more than 30 health claims specific to Lallemand probiotics, in various interesting indications. Solange entered the regulatory affairs arena and joined Lallemand in 2007 after immigration to Canada from her native Lebanon where she studied science, architecture and ran her own practice.


The probiotic marketplace has rapidly developed over the past few years, sometimes in concert with and sometimes distinct from the maturation of probiotic regulations worldwide. Touching on some countries’ probiotic-specific novel regulatory reforms and how they have and continued to influence market and consumer benefits as well as global regulatory harmonization, the speaker will bring examples of regulations from her dual perspective: one as regulatory director in a global industry leader of probiotic, Lallemand Health Solutions Inc. and the other as the chair of the regulatory committee of the International Probiotic Association, a broad coallition of industry players acting as the global voice of probiotics. The association has recently developed and released, among others, position papers/comments on probiotics under new frameworks in Brazil, in Canada, internationally in collaboration with its affiliate IPA Europe at the codex alimentarius, has been invited to public the United States and filed Citizen’s Petition on permitting to probiotics and adequate unit of measurement


Le rendez-vous international sur les ingrédients et aliments santé qui se tiendra du 6 au 8 octobre 2020 au Centre des congrès de Québec au Canada. Propulsé par l’expertise du Québec en matière d’alimentation santé, BÉNÉFIQ est un lieu de synergie incontournable pour tous les scientifiques et industriels de ce secteur en constante effervescence.
Une initiative de l’Institut sur la nutrition et les aliments fonctionnels (INAF)


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