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Proteins are currently popular and represent a growing market share. To satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele, the industry must now combine protein value and sustainable perspective by adopting alternatives to animal proteins in their design and development of new products. 

Among the alternatives exploited are now protein products based on peas, lupin, rapeseed, hemp, fungi, microalgae, yeast, bacteria and even insects.

The Rapid Breakthrough of Insect Proteins

From an environmental point of view, insects represent an interesting perspective since they are easier to synthesize proteins than animals. In other words, insects consume less to produce more. From a nutritional point of view, a wide variety of insects are rich in high quality proteins and easily digestible in addition to containing interesting nutrients such as unsaturated omega 3. They are therefore healthy, nutritious and an excellent source of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron, calcium, B vitamins, and essential nutrients. Rightly so, more and more established companies are using them, and start-ups based on the production or use of insect proteins are growing all over the country.

Entomo Farms was a pioneer in the field, offering a variety of cricket products and ingredients. The company has recently developed partnerships with major companies such as President’s Choice and Maple Leaf Foods. Don’t miss Jerrod Goldin, president of Entomo Farms during session 7 of BENEFIQ 2018 who will talk about “The Insect Revolution.”

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