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Many people already know the involvement of omega-3 fatty acids in improving and maintaining cognitive processes in humans. Indeed, it has been recognized in recent years that DHA polyunsaturated fatty acids, contained in oily fish, appear to improve episodic memory function in adults with mild memory loss. On the other hand, did you know that other marine treasures also have virtues on our cognition?

What’s New for the Brain

Last January, researchers at the Centre for Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK, in collaboration with Quebec-based innoVactiv Inc. published in the journal Nutrients the first results demonstrating that marine algae have the power to articulate our cognitive functions. The primary objective of this piece of work was to demonstrate the beneficial effects of the InSea2® product developed by innoVactiv on various parameters of our cognition. The results of this research suggest a real potential for polyphenols, more particularly phlorotannins contained in brown algae, to improve vigilance and reaction time in humans. For more information…

Are you interested in the subject? BENEFIQ 2018 will present the benefits of brown algae on cognition during session 5 on nutrition and mental health.

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