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While around the world cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death, and we are witnessing a significant increase in type 2 diabetes, the benefits of certain ingredients and foods on cardiometabolic health is as important as ever.

Scientific Session 1 of BÉNÉFIQ2016 was therefore designed to raise awareness of the benefits of certain food components and natural resources on cardiometabolic health. Studies show that integrating ingredients and health foods to meals help reduce cardiometabolic risk (CMR) of risk factors including hypertension and hyperglycemia associated with abdominal obesity.  It would, therefore, be advisable to combine the resources already recognized for their positive contribution to cardiometabolic health.

Cadiometabolic risk dancing to the rhythm of fats and sugars 

Conference session 1 will also focus on the effects of some types of fat and sugar-rich foods on cardiometabolic health. A clear picture of the particularities of certain fats and sugars, and their clinical implications, will help inform discussions about the health impact of these nutrients.

We cannot say it enough, the combination of a healthy diet, regular physical activity and weight control contribute significantly to reducing the CMR as well as prevent and reduce the incidence of chronic diseases such cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

This scientific session of BÉNÉFIQ2016 is intended for nutritionists, health professionals, researchers and industry stakeholders interested in the benefits of certain food components and natural resources on cardiovascular health and diabetes and obesity prevention.



Want to increase your knowledge on the impact of nutrition on cardiometabolic health ? 

Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo is director of the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry (ICB) in Naples (Italy), which specializes in the study of chemical components of biological systems and processes. Through their research, Dr. Di Marzo and the team at ICB study how molecules function in order to identify new technological applications.

Want to know more about monounsaturated fats?

Dr Peter Jones, Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (RCFFN), University of Manitoba, presents the results of a study on the health benefits of monounsaturated fats. His organization has dedicating its activities to improve health and nutrition, as well as supporting sustainable development of the functional food industry, in Manitoba and Western Canada.

Want to better understand the concept of “fast fat vs slow”?

Dr. Marie-Caroline Michalski, food engineering specialist at the University of Lyon 1, presents the results of studies on the metabolic impact of the emulsified fat structure . This university is particularly known for its science and medical research

Does the digestibility of starch and its post-meal metabolism interest you ?

Learn more about this topic through this lecture by Dr. Sophie Vinoy, responsible for R & D in the US food multinational Mondelez International (ex-Kraft Foods).

To better understand the components of sugars and their respective differences…

Attend this lecture by Dr. André Marette, president of the Scientific Committee, Scientific Director of INAF (Institute of Nutrition and Functional Food), University of Laval. This institute brings together scientists from different disciplines working together to advance knowledge on human nutrition and its effects on health.

 To learn more about the speakers of BENEFIQ2016...

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