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A recent study by Columbia University and the French National Institute suggests that six out of 10 people share articles that they have not read on Twitter.

The BÉNÉFIQ team continues to regularly share articles on our social media accounts, and rest assured, we do read them!

Why share content about ingredients and health foods on social media?

We believe that sharing information on the Web is an opportunity to advance knowledge in our field. Events and meetings, such as BÉNÉFIQ are crucial, but the Web creates links between new collaborators to discover innovations and disperse recent findings on potential ingredients and health foods.

So, while awaiting the in-person meetings which will take place via our B2B platform during BÉNÉFIQ 2016, you can join our LinkedIn group or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Summer reading suggestions on ingredients and health foods

If you are as passionate as we are about ingredients and health foods, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy some summer reading on the subject.

Interested in microbiota?

here are two readings recommended by Denis Roy, the Canada Research Chair in Biotechnology on dairy lactic cultures and probiotics and co-chair of BÉNÉFIQ 2016’s sesson 3, the role of microbiota.

Interested in cardiometabolic health

Here are three recommended readings by Benoît Lamarche, professor and researcher at the INAF and co-chair of session 1 on metabolic health.

Interested in the process of inflammation?

We also suggest reading this article by Philip Calder of the Human Development and Health Academic Unit in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. He is also co-chair of session 2 on Healthy Aging and Inflammation (Infamm’aging ).

The most popular articles amongst those that we have recently shared about ingredients and health foods

Pharma to Fight Disease with Food via Canadian Food Insights

Large “real-world” study in Italy demonstrates that heart attack patients treated with 1 g/day of marine omega-3 fatty acids had much less risk of a repeat attack or sudden death compared to those who did not take omega-3s via Nutri-Facts

Lait maternel humain : le premier repas du microbiote du nourrisson via Gut microbiota News watch

Gut brain axis linked again to obesity in Yale study via Nutra ingredients

Feel free to share with us your articles and discoveries this summer!

Team BÉNÉFIQ2016

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