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OCTOBER 2-4, 2018

Quebec City Convention Centre, Canada


Associate Professor at the Food Science department, Guelph University, Canada/ @Lisa_Duizer

“Foods for older adults – Nutrition and acceptance”
What are the most promising foods to fulfill nutritional requirements of seniors


Lisa Duizer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Food Science at the University of Guelph, Canada. Her research interest lies in developing a better understanding perception of textures of foods, particularly those for older adults. She is currently working on a project to examine the sensory properties of foods and liquids designed to meet the newly developed International Dysphagia Diet Standards Initiative (IDDSI) guidelines. She is also part of the Agri-Food for Healthy Aging research group, affiliated with the Research Institute for Aging, where she is working collaboratively to understand factors contributing to the meal time dining experience of older adults. She is an affiliate scientist with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Waterloo and Acadia University.


Foods for older adults – Nutrition and acceptance

Malnutrition can be a problem for older adults, particularly those living in long term care. While it is well documented that this population requires more protein, recent research shows that older individuals in long term care are also deficient in a number of micronutrients. During this presentation, two strategies to improve micronutrient content of foods prepared for both regular textured and modified textured diets will be discussed. Attitudes toward the addition of a vitamin/mineral powder to enhance the micronutrient content of liquid/semi-solid foods and associated sensory changes to the foods will be presented. The development of nutrient dense menus through careful selection of ingredients during recipe development will also be discussed. Through this research, it is hoped that nutrient intakes of older adults can be improved thereby alleviating some associated health concerns and improving quality of life for this population.


Le rendez-vous international sur les ingrédients et aliments santé qui se tiendra du 6 au 8 octobre 2020 au Centre des congrès de Québec au Canada. Propulsé par l’expertise du Québec en matière d’alimentation santé, BÉNÉFIQ est un lieu de synergie incontournable pour tous les scientifiques et industriels de ce secteur en constante effervescence.
Une initiative de l’Institut sur la nutrition et les aliments fonctionnels (INAF)


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