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OCTOBER 2-4, 2018

Quebec City Convention Centre, Canada


President of Entomo Farms/@EntomoFarms

“The First 5 Years Developing an Edible Insect Category”
The recent launches of many insects based products for human consumption could be just the tip of the iceberg…


“As a Chiropractor and Chiropractic educator for 20 years, I’ve witnessed the impact that food can have on our health. Now we know we have to consider more than just the health benefits of what we eat; we also have to consider the ecological footprint of our food choices.

After researching the many scientific studies about entomophagy, I was inspired to learn about the incredible health and environmental benefits that insect protein provides over more traditional forms of protein, like beef & chicken. Insects are packed with not only protein but so many rich vitamins, minerals and fibre to name a few, all with an incredibly sustainable carbon footprint. It is a perfect solution for those interested in a lifestyle of health and sustainability. Having started many health related start-up ventures through the years, as well as a successful private practice, I sold my business interests in order to go full time into starting an insect farm and processing business. In 2014, I joined my brothers Darren and Ryan, who have 10 years’ experience farming insects with their business Reptile Feeders, to start Entomo Farms, North America’s first and largest insect farm, dedicated to raising insects, specifically for human consumption. That is the history of the Future of Food. “


Entomo Farms was established in 2014 by Jarrod, Darren and Ryan Goldin. With a vast amount of experience farming insects, the Goldin brother’s were inspired by a 2013 UN/FAO report titled, “Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security”. Understanding the roll healthy, sustainable edible insects could play in our food and feed systems inspired the creation of Entomo Farms. With a passion to make the world a more sustainable place and to offer people choices around healthy and sustainable food, Entomo Farms opened our first 5,000 sq foot facility. Entomo Farms has grown to over 60,000 sq feet, our powder is being sold at Loblaws under the PC brand and in 2018, Maple Leaf Foods made an investment into Entomo Farms. This presentation will explore the journey of Entomo Farms, the broader Insects as Food business and what the future for the category looks like


The international rendezvous on health ingredients that will be held from October 2 to 4, 2018, at the Quebec City Convention Centre in Canada. Anchored in Quebec City’s reputation for excellence in food and health, BENEFIQ is a must-attend event sparking synergy among scientists and industry professionals from this rapidly evolving sector.
An initiative of the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF)


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