A must-attend event open to everyone to discover, connect and succeed.

BÉNÉFIQ2021 has a diverse program presenting new perspectives and trends in the food sector, recent scientific advances, business strategies and market opportunities.

Experiencing BÉNÉFIQ means:

Access to conferences trough plenary and concurrent sessions, poster competition, elevator pitches and video briefs

Learning and being inspired by more than 90 scientific speakers, on-trend firms entrepreneurs and government representative

Mobilizing for sustainable food and health

Here’s a glimpse at this year’s themes:

Perspectives and Trends Plenary Sessions :

  • Sustainable Food and Health: Taking inspiration from the best
  • B Corps: How to do your part
  • Digital Food Apps: Risks and benefits
  • From Local to Global: A 360-degree look at distribution issues
  • Environmental Scores and Food Choices: What you need to know and how to take action

Science and Innovation Concurrent Sessions :

  • Food Safety
  • Food in Northern Climates
  • Marine Bioresources
  • Resistance to Antibiotics and Alternatives
  • Brain Health
  • The Microbiome: The future of personalized nutrition?
  • Consumers and Healthy Food: Society’s challenges
  • Video briefs on market size, purchasing behaviour, differentiation strategies, and more

Business Strategy and Market Opportunities Sessions :

  • New and innovative ingredients
  • Cannabis: Where do we stand
  • Development, Innovation and Funding
  • Growth and Exporting in the U.S. Context
  • Match DUX Startup Elevator Pitch Contest

Rates and registrations

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